How a plugin saved my life

I’m really not good with typing.
Either it’s dyslexia or physical coordination issues between my brain and my fingers, I usually do a lot of typos.
Worse, I’m blind to them. No matter how many times I will rescan my text, there will be always something left.

Well, I do not have a copy-editor at hand to manage the 4 eyes process, which is always the best.
But I find a technological trick.
It’s called spellcheck and it’s a simple, discreet plug-ing for WordPress.
Find it here :

Once installed, it seats quietly on your TinyMCE editing toolbar. You just call it by clicking on it.
Your whole text in the post freeze (don’t be scared), is scanned and any mistakes is underlined in red.

Clicking on every mistakes show a drop-down menu which allow quickly to fix or edit the word or group of words.
It checks spelling, grammar and typos. I have not tried for anything else than english. But it’s worth installing.
Are you using any alternatives ?

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